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If you are looking to invest in real estate either to buy, fix and sell, to rent, or to get started on your own business, we would like to hear from you.

Just Getting Started?

Work with our ground team and they will show you what our requirements are. We will teach you how to market without any out of pocket expenses. Your only cost will be a flexible work schedule for marketing and some elbow grease. Here is where you will understand basic fundamentals for residential real estate acquisition and learn the required communication skills to work with team members and clients.


Tired of that property and tenants but still need cash flow? We would love to buy on terms with you, pay you monthly for us to fix, and sell your property, and reduce your risk with the asset. Call us to find out how we can help you make this happen.


Need more than just an assignment fee? We can equity share, J/V, or just send you a referral fee on top of your assignment fee for any property we buy from you.

Sometimes we will need help liquidating inventory. Help us sell and get paid.

Property Scouts / Bird Dogs

Simply send us a picture and the address of any boarded up or beat up house and if we buy it, we will pay you up to $10,000 (market dependent). Sometimes, even more than that! No contracts necessary and no needing to negotiate with homeowners.

Hard Money / Private Money Lenders

Have deals that need to be financed? Send them our way and if they match our criteria, you will finance the project. Do you need more inventory for your clients to buy? Let us know you are interested in our inventory and we will add you to our buyers list for you to finance through your buyers.

Have money sitting in a bank account returning .01% interest, an IRA or HELOC and don't know how to move it? Let us fill you in on how we can in months, produce secured returns that would surpass a 30 year timeline of that in any bank account or equivalent.

Residential Redevelopers

Have too many projects and need to let some of them go? Give us a call and we would be more than happy to take some of that inventory off of your hands for you. Or, finance the property for us while we fix and sell it and get paid every month!


Some of you may not want to work the investment side arena and that’s ok. How about if we give you a heads up to rehabbed property coming on market soon before anyone else knows about it? Let us know that you are interested in retail property and we will put you on our agent early warning list. 0 days on market for us to liquidate inventory is a good day.

Like to invest in real estate to rent or flip, or have investors looking to flip or rent property? No problem. Let us know and we will add you to our investment buyer's list.

Think we might be good buyers? Add us to your investment property buyer’s list and we’ll pay you a referral fee up to $10,000 (market dependent) AND let you double end the deal. When you opt in with us or call, we’ll send you our requirements with what we are looking for. If that’s not enough, maybe we can J/V on a deal to put a little more in your pocket.

Contact Information

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