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About Liberty Property Group

Liberty Property Group is built on the unwavering dedication to these core principles:

    • Being the best at what we do
    • Being leaders in the community
    • Providing assistance to all those that need it
    • Professionalism and courtesy in all situations
    • Integrity
    • Giving 110% at all times then some
    • Setting the example for all others to follow

    Mission Statement - End U.S. Veteran Homelessness


    Jason P. Caballero – Company Manager

    Liberty Property Group is led by Jason Caballero. Jason has over 10 years in the real estate market, in addition to serving with the prestigious United States Ranger Regiment from 2001 until 2006. Today, that discipline, elite skill set and commitment to giving all for others is witnessed in Liberty Property Group's tight operations, and commitment to every client. For some, Liberty means joining the mission to aid others. For others it will mean freedom from a current financial burden, or achieving their American Dream, and financial freedom through real estate investment.

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    About Us

    Doug Gillies - Broker / Acquisition Manager (San Francisco)

    DOUGLAS & CO. REAL ESTATE INC., SanFrancisco, CA

    Owner Occupied and Investor Multi family Residential Real Estate Sales

    Active in REO and short sales for primarily residential properties.

    Closed over 150 REO listing sales, average DOM lessthan 45 days

    Completed over 6000 BPO’s for multiple BPO outsourcers

    Complete team of contractors available for all REO needs from lockouts to cleaning and rehab work.

    Fully staffed and computerized back office to successfully manage and control multiple listings and property assignments.

    Doug is a licensed real Estate Broker in CA, and has been involved in real estate for 24 years. Prior to his real estate career, his background includes management positions with public companies including large financial services organizations.

    During his time in the real estate industry, Doug has seen multiple market rallies and crashes. He has seen both sides of the spectrum all the way from needs of the lenders and banks including property valuations, to the immediate needs of the single family homeowner.

    Doug has teamed up with us to help facilitate a more efficient and fair transaction that 1) removes foreclosure from homeowner’s lives, and 2) negotiates a financially superior outcome for the distressed homeowner, acting as their advocate.

    Doug has consistently helped us solve homeowner’s situations and challenges for 3 years now. He has been a strong team player, an excellent resource for guidance and brings much knowledge and wisdom to this complicated field of real estate. Find out more about Doug at www.ProbateHelpBayArea.com

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    Donald Reiter - Acquisition Manager (San Antonio)

    I have been a consultant and road warrior for many years representing client interests in capital projects worldwide. As an Air Force Veteran, and a seasoned business professional I have the discipline and focus to calm the turbulence in many circumstances. I have found my niche and passion in life providing solutions to distressed or frustrated home owners.

    When human beings experience trauma or sever life stressors, it not uncommon for their lives to unravel. My passion is to understand the situation and provide options to those who seem to always be dodging those curveballs life tends to throw around. I assist my clients in making the right decision for property they have an immediate need to cash out for any reason imaginable.

    I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and I have learned over the years to listen and adapt, leveraging experiences from each unique situation encountered from the no nonsense School of life. I joined Liberty property group to enhance resources to act quickly once the decision is made to move forward. On your timeline and need to close the transaction in the shortest amount of time possible.

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    Barrett Newsome - Operations

    Barrett is the Owner and Founder of California Home Buyers, LLC. He has partnered with Liberty Property Group with the goal of being able to assist more home owners not only in the San Francisco Bay Area but in San Antonio, TX as well.

    Barrett has been investing in real estate since 2008. He brings his passion and knowledge for finding solutions to the issues that can complicate home ownership.

    Before starting California Home Buyers, Barrett attended Miami University in Ohio. After graduating, he worked in the medical field. Currently, he lives in the Bay Area with his wife and one year old son.

    If you want to learn more about California Home Buyers, LLC please visit www.CaHomeBuyers.com.